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Plant Trees As A Sign Of Taking Care Of The Environment

Planting trees can prevent flooding and help in water removal during floods. Planting trees is one way of taking care of the environment. The devastation of the environment can also cause flooding and landslides. There are plenty of reasons why deforestation can lead to flooding. Trees absorb water from the soil so without enough trees, water from rains and storms will flow to the ground, the rivers and other bodies of water.

Importance of trees

Effects runoff to rivers

5tgyhdToo much water will cause rivers to rise and flow more quickly. Because trees absorb more water from the soil, soil with abundant trees are also able to absorb more water. This is why planting trees and caring for the environment not only help in preventing flood but contribute to water removal too. When there is deforestation, it will take a longer time for the water removal to be completed in a flooded area. There just isn’t anything to support the water removal from the flooded streets and homes except the sun.

Trees and raindrop impact

Trees also prevent the high impact of raindrops on the soil, effectively preventing soil erosion. Tree roots also hold the soil together and serve as a ‘net’ for the ground. Without the loss, soil can get easily carried away by rain and flood water. Water stored in the trees also evaporates to the air. This means that trees help in the natural process of water removal from the soil and flooded areas.

Runoff speed reduction

4erdftgfhAnother reason trees prevent floods is because they prevent water from flowing too quickly through the rivers. The quicker water flows in streams; the more severe flooding will be downstream. This is because water from the watershed will flow and rise more quickly in the river and reach pavement and other areas of the town where water can no longer be absorbed by the soil and will flow toward the homes. There is overwhelming evidence that deforestation leads to flood and having ample trees can support water removal during periods of flooding. The problem is, even if people know this it is not always easy for people to act quickly on saving forests.

Trees are an important part of the environment because they serve many purposes. They not only hold water and soil, but they are also what keep the air clean. All elements in the environment play a crucial part in keeping an ecological balance. Destroy one element, and you hurt all others. This is why planting and taking care of trees are essential in ensuring that the environment remains sustainable.