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What is carrageenan and how safe is it

Carrageenan is a component that is found in a lot of foods. Most foods sold at stores contain the carrageenan as an added additive. Carrageenan is in most cases used in the food industry as a gelling, thickening, stabilizing and the suspending agent in water. It is also used in the processing of milk. Most natural foods have been discovered to contain carrageenan. For processed foods like yogurt, milk, baby formula, and tofu they have added carrageenan which play a role of additives. Carrageenan is produced by an alkaline procedure to make natural food ingredients. However, some people have questioned about theĀ carrageenan safety and whether it should be included in the making of processed foods. In this article, we give the answers to the question whether carrageenan is safe as discussed below.

Is carrageenan safe?

Carrageenan is not bad as it may have seemed to some scientists because of it molecular in nature. This aspect gfgrterttof its molecular nature enables the consumed carrageenan to flow through your digestive system just like most fibers do. It does not, therefore, get absorbed into the body system and for this reason, carrageenan is removed from your body as feces. Therefore this is a clear indication that carrageenan is not safe as it may have been attributed to having severe side effects.
Secondly, carrageenan has been known to be included in the processing of milk and baby formula. For this reason, carrageenan cannot be unsafe because even infants with young and sensitive digestive systems consume it as milk formula and do not get affected.

Signs that you need carrageenan

Cholesterol level

If you are experiencing high cholesterol levels in your body, then you should consider taking carrageenan that is the form of chitin. This supplement will help you burn the fat and will lead to the reduction of the cholesterol levels.

Poor functioning of the kidney

ouiyuyhhOn the other hand, carrageenan has been recommended for individuals who are faced with reduced functioning of their kidneys. The approved form of carrageenan to aid your kidneys function well is chitin. A poor functioning kidney will cause poor appetite, physical weakness, and even insomnia.

Weight management

The carrageenan compound chitin can be used by people who wish to cut weight. This is because it helps in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. Most people who have gained a lot of weight are known to have high levels of cholesterol which plays a significant role in the weight gain. Your intestinal disorders will also be taken care of by consuming carrageenan.